Warriors-Spurs Game 1 Live Blog

Here is the Live Blog I wrote during Game 1 of the Warriors Spurs series for Blue Man Hoop.  While it was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen, that was one of the best games I’ve ever seen.  I also recently participated in a round-table for Blue Man Hoop.  http://bluemanhoop.com/2013/04/30/golden-state-warriors-answering-biggest-first-round-questions/
Joe MooreMAY 6, 201310:04 PM

Jarrett Jack misses a last second heave. Spurs win.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:49 PM

Tony Parker has been pretty mediocre, but just had a beautiful spin move to finish around Andrew Bogut.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:45 PM

Curry has made 1 of his last 7 shots. He only subbed out once, for a single possession at the end of the third quarter, and may be tired.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:41 PM

Manu Ginobli misses a pull-up jumper over Draymond Green. Double Overtime

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:32 PM

Kawhi Leonard hits a post-up fade-away over Jarrett Jack. Spurs up two.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:31 PM

Very impressive perimeter defensive rotations by Barnes and Green on one side of the court, bu Boris Diaw makes an open three on teh other side.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:29 PM

Stagnant possession results in a Barnes made three. Results over process everybody.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:24 PM

Great set by the Spurs confuses Jarrett Jack and frees Danny Green for a wing three pointer. Tie game. Curry misses on the final possession. Overtime

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:21 PM

Jarrett Jack nurtures the Spurs comeback, then tries to kill it. The lesson, as the Warriors have been taught all season, never trust Jarrett Jack.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:18 PM

Three point game. Along with third quarters, the Warriors have perfected blowing late-game leads during the playoffs.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:15 PM

Jarrett Jack iso’s for 15 seconds, and launches a one-handed contested shot off the backboard.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:11 PM

Tony Parker leads an 8-0 run by the Spurs. Eight point game.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:10 PM

The Warriors have taken advantage of Tim Duncan all night. He is far too slow to hedge on Curry, but will give up open three’s if he sags down.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20139:02 PM

Back to back layups from Curry to push the Warriors’ lead back to 14 after the Spurs got it down to 10. Curry doesn’t always finish at the rim, but when he does, he prefers ridiculous left-handed floaters.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:52 PM

An encouraging sign for Warriors fans: Klay Thompson has been efficient offensively despite missing all four of his three-point attempts.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:50 PM

Chris Webber suggested, “getting to the line, stopping the clock, and increasing the number of possessions,” as the ideal strategy for an underdog leading a game. I don’t mind getting to the line, but increasing the number of possession available for the trailing team to come back during does not seem like a great idea.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:48 PM

Warriors are playing Landry as a the lone big man. This is where the improved perimeter defense becomes necessary.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:38 PM

Curry has scored 14 straight points for the Warriors.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:37 PM

Steph Curry gets all the way to the rim off a pick and roll and puts the Warriors up 13 with 1:30 left in the third. This game is slowly approaching the point where I expect a victory.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:35 PM

By setting the screen several feet above the three point line, the Warriors give Curry space for a pull up three, which, being Steph Curry, he nails.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:29 PM

“Great anticipation by Klay Thompson” I would like to hear that quite a bit more often.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:28 PM

Harrison Barnes hits Landry at the elbow out of a double team, who finds Bogut for the open layup. Encouraging passing by Barnes.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:24 PM

Klay Thompson makes a turnaround jump shot over Tony Parker. In a somewhat disappointing season, Thompson’s mid-post game has been one of the more encouraging developments.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:23 PM

Kawhi Leonard hits the pull up jumper off a close out. Leonard has improved off the dribble during the season, or at least shown his abilities, allowing him to be more aggressive attacking rotating defenses.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:20 PM

Another three for Curry, who has been killing 3rd quarters in the playoffs.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:16 PM

Stephen Curry made Tony Parker look like Andre Miller on a crossover and pulled up for three, then does his best Allen Iverson imitation and drains a step back corner two.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20138:14 PM

Bogut has been awesome, but I don’t think sweeping hooks over Tim Duncan are very beneficial.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:56 PM

Guided by efficient starts from Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes, and impressive rebounding by Andrew Bogut, the Warriors are up 53-49 at the half.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:52 PM

Hack-a-Bogut by the Spurs. Bogut misses both, and the Spurs are set up for a 2-for-1. Apparently Gregg Popovich did not lose his genius during the post-sweep layoff.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:49 PM

Manu Ginobli just burned Harrison Barnes on a closeout, borrowed his athleticism, and threw down a massive dunk.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:47 PM

TNT is talking about field goal percentage defense. You would think they could make the jump to defensive efficiency.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:40 PM

Beautiful pass by Curry to a cutting Thompson. That’s the effect of Curry’s increased production. As defenses focus on Curry, many more options become available.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:36 PM

Again matched up on Parker, Klay Thompson cuts off penetration and forces a travel.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:30 PM

Mark Jackson appears to be matching Bogut’s minutes with Duncan. Bogut came out with Duncan, and just reentered as Duncan did.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:29 PM

Second nice reverse of the game by Barnes. Unlike Klay, Barnes is a very good finisher at the rim.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:25 PM

I generally dislike possessions when Jarrett Jack is the primary ball-handler with Curry on the floor. I would talk about Curry putting more pressure on the defense and being better equipped to take advantage of that, but Jack just made my case by getting stripped by Gary Neal in isolation. Neal then finishes the fast break layup. Neal before your God!

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:19 PM

Warriors up 28-25 after the first quarter. The offense has looked good. Defensively, the Warriors allowed some open three’s, but San Antonio also hit some difficult ones.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:15 PM

Manu Ginobli hits a step back iso-three. Feel free to take that all series, Manu.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:11 PM

Stephen Curry starts the game 1 -of- 5 with 4 turnovers. He has struggled with slow-starts throughout the playoffs, but tends to adapt to the defense.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:08 PM

Draymond Green makes the worst shot in basketball, a three-pointer with a foot on the line, but its good to see him making jump shots. An offensively adept Draymond Green allows the Warriors to be much more diverse defensively.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:05 PM

Klay Thompson gets the steal, but cannot get to the rim against Manu Ginobli. Klay really needs to practice his transition play and ball-handling in general during the offseason, which hopefully will be delayed a few more weeks.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:03 PM

Klay Thompson has been guarding Tony Parker on several possessions. He has emerged as the go-to perimeter defender for the Warriors.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20137:02 PM

Thompson’s leading the Warriors to a quick start. The Warriors have been aggressive defensively, and are taking advantage of openings on offense.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:58 PM

Danny Green has been guarding Curry, and Parker has been on Thompson. If Thompson can take advantage of Parker in the post, they could force the Spurs to abandon the cross-match.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:56 PM

Klay Thompson fouled by Kawhi Leonard while shooting a pull up through. Thompson’s pull up threes are rarely a great idea, but hopefully the free-throws will get him in rhythm.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:55 PM

Parker – Duncan pick and roll leads to a Duncan elbow jumper. Expect to see that several times a game throughout the series.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:53 PM

Nice dump off by Klay Thompson to Bogut. Though he’s generally a poor passer, Thompson has improved a lot on the structured passes off pin-downs and high screens.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:45 PM

Manu Ginobli’s minutes restriction has been lifted. He appeared healthier in the first round than expected and could be a key factor in determining the series.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:43 PM

I’m looking forward to seeing how Barnes matches up with Kawhi Leonard. As of now, both are restricted to “three and D” roles, but have flashed greater potential over the season.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:40 PM

The Heat big men aggressively trap the ball-handler off most screens. Tiago Splitter, Tim Duncan, and Boris Diaw, the Spurs main big men, are simply not mobile enough for this strategy to be effective, and generally drop into the paint, hoping to deny driving lanes. Stephen Curry should be able to find many open mid-range jumpers against this defensive strategy. I’m not a fan of mid-range shots, but a few open shots could get Curry in a good rhythm.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:36 PM

Tip rescheduled to 6:50. In the meantime, we can take an extended look at the Warriors (hopefully) future playoff opponent, the Miami Heat!

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:33 PM

One significant difference between the Spurs and Nuggets: the Spurs are a very good shooting team, While this may have been by design, the Warriors allowed a lot of open three’s to Denver. Expect Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green knock down shots much more consistently than Corey Brewer and the Denver wings.

Joe MooreMAY 6, 20136:25 PM

The Bulls-Heat game will probably push tip-off back a bit. Anyway, it was reported that the Spurs are going to start Boris Diaw at power-forward, which sets the Warriors up to start Barnes at the four. Of course, Pop could just be pulling a Mark Jackson. Jackson reported that Carl Landry would start following Lee’s injury before each game, but Jack actually started over Landry.